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Sir, I just registered with your site and made payment also. How can I see my add on your site
Posted On: May 18, 2013
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what is the present approximate house construction cost with or without materials per square feet in kottayam area
Posted On: May 17, 2013
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mohanan mohan answered archana 's Question.
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Hi , i am new to the city, i would like to know details of PG facilities available in and around Kaloor, Ernakulam.
Posted On: May 15, 2013
mohanan mohan [Jul 02, 2013] :Residential land for sale 1.5 km from Iritty town 17 km away from Prposed KANNUR [NTERNATIONAL AIR pORT
Binny [May 17, 2013] :There are lot of working women's hostels and PG facilities available in Cochin. You can have a look at Ad mags,Yellow pages, and do search in websites . Even News papers can be of great help !!
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sunil kumar answered 's Question.
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What actions can be taken if the builder has not handed over the flats officially ? The owners are staying in the building after paying all amount demanded by builder incl monthly maintenance fee however there is no house number allotted to flat and no official hand over to flat owner association? If an owner wants to sell the flat, what would he need?
Posted On: Apr 27, 2013
sunil kumar [Jun 26, 2014] :i want sell some 2 acra dry land at thrissilery, my prize 8 lakhs per acra
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Jacob B answered 's Question.
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present market rate of plots near Kottarakara in Kollam District
Posted On: Jul 24, 2012
Jacob B [Jul 25, 2012] :Its better to check with the Local Brokers/Agent. 
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