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Franklin answered mathai's Question.
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bath room walls show wetness in the first floor of my house in tripunithura. dampness seen up to a height of two feet. these are interior walls , not external walls of the bath room. please advise remedy
Posted On: Aug 08, 2011
Franklin [Aug 22, 2011] :Three major causes: 1. Moisture in air (Chance of just 2%). 2. Plumbing system fault ( Blocked line strainer & leaking pipe). 3. Poor Damp Proofing both on vertical and horizontal surfaces. Take it as a major issue, and consult with an expert.
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Amal Jacob answered sajiv's Question.
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I am living in Saudi Arabia. Is it compulsory I must be present in Kerala to sell a property? Can I authorize my brother to see the land in my name? Please tell about purchasing land also...
Posted On: Jul 21, 2011
Amal Jacob [Sep 20, 2011] : To sell a property you should be there. A Power of attorney in ur brothers/any blood relation name is enough for buying
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Amal Jacob answered Githin's Question.
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I had bought a piece of land for 15 lakh, 5 lakh was given as an advance. But now I found a much better land which I wish to buy. Can you give me a suggestion how to get back this 5 Lakh...?
Posted On: Jul 18, 2011
Amal Jacob [Sep 20, 2011] : legally you should get the advance. ask ur land owner directly, he is delaying to pay back ur amount u can go to the court. he can extend the case 4 min 3 yrs. My advice arrange a quotation team.
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which factors will be considered while buying a property?
Posted On: Jun 24, 2011
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A Hameed answered sona's Question.
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I heard some restriction taken by government to construct building in state and national highways side. Can u give some clarification about this..?
Posted On: Jun 18, 2011
A Hameed [Dec 17, 2011] :The sapace to be left from NH is 35m or 45m.  I am from Valanchery, NH7, I heard it is 45m, that 22.5m from the centre of road. Is it correct?
Sunny Jacob [Jun 18, 2011] :Orders have issued by State Chief Engineer (NH) regarding prohibition of building construction on both sides of 8 National High Ways within a width of 35 mtrs. This road prohibits not only new construction but also the expansion of existing structures. The rule came into effect since 13th Feb. 2008. As a result thousands of people to purchased land to construct houses and other buildings has in dilemma. Valayar – Kaliykavila (NH47), Thalapady – Edappally (NH17), Bodimet – Kundannur (NH49), Ekundanur – Wellington Isaland (NH47), Kollam – Aryankavu – (NH 200), Kozhikode-Muthanga (NH212), Palkkad – Kozhikode (NH213), Kollam – Kumali (NH220) are the eight national highways for which the rule effects. For those works for which sanction from High Way Engineer has received before 13th Feb. 2008 has excluded from the order. But the period of completion of such works is limited to three years.
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