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The theory of proportion underlying Vasthu has a deep spiritual orientation-Vasthu in its true form is based on the theory of proportion .The mathematical calculations associated with it evolved from thousands of years of practical experience and philosophical thinking. Astrology and Nimitha Sasthra are two other subjects that have contributed to the matrix of Vasthu solutions

Clarity of Mind

Astrology deals with the deduction of auspicious times for various activities and Nimitha shows the outcome of each activity in future by the careful study of natures pulse. One needs a very clear mind to understand nature's vibrations and for that one has to be a dedicated Sadhakan. In short a Vasthu specialist must be able to interpret Nimithas effectively.
The best examples of Vasthu designed structures are the temples of Kerala. The principle behind the temple construction is none other than the Universal principle adopted by nature from the micro -level to macro- level


From the solar system to the atomic structure, the pattern of working is the same- planets with their satellites revolving around the sun in fixed paths, and in an atom, electrons revolving round the nucleus in shells.

The number of electrons in each shell is also restricted by nature in a particular way. If you carefully examine the Vasthu design of a Kerala Maha Kshetram (temple) you can find some similarity between it and that of the atomic structure.

Classic structure

In a temple, the idol is located in a position similar to that of the nucleus of the atom. The outer wall of the Sreekovil (central shrine with two Dwarapalakas resemble the K shell of an atom with two electrons.

The eight Ashtadikpalakas around the sreekovil in the inner Balivattom resemble the L shell of an atom with eight electrons. The Chuttambalam structure around the sreekovil and the inner Balivattom is supported by 18 pillars or by multitudes of 18 pillars, which again is similar to that of an M shell in an atom

The next shell outside that of a Chuttambalamis the Chuttuvilakku. The supporting posts of the chuttuvilakku are usually 32 or multiples of 32, again similar to that of an N shell in an atom

Outside the chuttuvilakku come the outer Balivattom, Pradikshana vashi and mahaparyantham (outer boundary wall) that is also similar to the outer shells of an atom. Spiritually it constitutes a Yantra, which is based on nature's principles.

Correct path

Mantras and Yantras along with Tantra create an atmosphere for guiding the minds of ordinary people and leading them along the correct path for their unification with nature. This can be compared to the human body, which is also a part of nature. The temple can thus be compared to the universal body as well as the physical human body

It is also said that the human body is a temple and the "jeevatma" inside the body is none other than Paramatma (Brahma). One must not think that every thing happening in life is due to the effects of Vasthu and Vasthu correction will solve all problems.

Courtesy the Hindu- Manoj S Nair