An inside look at childhood in Kerala's luxurious gated residential areas

An inside look at childhood in Kerala's luxurious gated residential areas

Gated communities are a new trend in Kerala, with more and more families opting to reside in these exclusive neighbourhoods. The concept of gated communities is gaining popularity due to the benefits they offer such as safety, security, and privacy. However, when it comes to children living in gated communities, there is a debate about whether it is an advantage or a societal disadvantage.

There are several advantages for children residing in gate communities. Firstly, safety and security is paramount in gated communities. The presence of guards and CCTV cameras at the entrance ensures that strangers cannot enter without permission. Parents can be assured that their children can play outside or walk to school without worrying about their safety.

Secondly, amenities such as playgrounds, swimming pools and sports facilities are provided within the secured confines of the community itself. Children have access to these facilities right on their doorstep which helps keep them physically active while being monitored by parents or guardians.

However, while gated communities may seem like an ideal place for children to grow up in, they can actually be a societal disadvantage for kids. One of the major reasons why gated communities can be harmful to children is because they lack diversity. These communities are often exclusive and cater to a specific demographic, which means that children who grow up in these environments may not be exposed to people from different backgrounds or cultures. This lack of exposure can lead to narrow-mindedness and an inability to empathize with others.

Another issue with gated communities is that they create a sense of isolation. Children who grow up in these neighbourhoods may have limited opportunities for social interaction outside of their community.

In conclusion, the question of whether children in gated communities in Kerala are an advantage or a societal disadvantage is complex. While there are clear advantages to living in these communities, including safety and access to amenities, there are also potential downsides, such as social isolation and a lack of exposure to diversity. Ultimately, it is up to parents and community leaders to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of living in a gated community and decide what is best for their children's development. Moving forward, it will be important to continue exploring the impact of these communities on children's socialization and well-being. Overall, we must strive for an inclusive society that values diversity and promotes equal opportunities for all children.

                         INPUTS BY – aNN TONIYA ON 15 JUNE 2023