Privacy Policy


It is the primary objective of to serve as a platform for real estate agents, landlords, builders and sellers in Kerala to enable them to gain worldwide publicity and vast coverage by collectively advertising their listings on the Internet. The portal is also beneficial for clients across the globe who wish to search for land, properties and allied services in Kerala.

We cater to the needs and interests of Malayalees worldwide. Our services include property sale, rental and wanted classifieds, real estate business directory, property exhibitions, event announcements, property discussions board and builder's directory.


As we understand the need for mutual trust while collecting and retrieving all kinds of information related to the topic, we take this trust very seriously. ensures the total privacy of its customer data and assure you of our highest priority in guaranteeing the security and confidentiality of the data submitted. We will use the information we collect solely for the purpose of enhancing your advertisement to suit your interests. At no time shall we sell, trade, or rent the data/ information you have supplied to third parties.

We reiterate our statement that we only use your data as specified here, ie for utility purposes and for our legitimate business reasons. We promise to abide by the privacy practices described in this Privacy Statement at the time you have furnished us with your information.

What we do?

Property Management

To ease all your worries concerning about the real estate, we offer you the Property Management System. We operate, control and oversee the property and its details for a hassle free service. It includes the processes, systems and the man power that is required for the real estate dealings.

Free Market Analysis

Market Analysis is an important aspect of any real estate dealings. This helps us to know the market status of a property and hence makes things easier for both the clients and agents. Market Analysis can help to decide upon a sale price of the property or building. The on going trends of the real estate market can be well known through this method.


We offer you the following services, in and around Kerala, India like Buying, Selling and Renting of properties; Tenancy Management; Property Maintenance Services; Periodic Property Audits and so on. is the one stop solution for all the worries concerning your property. Rely on our trusted services for a easy dealing.

Renting Services

Renting or hiring is one of the important aspect in the business of real estate. Here property or the building is given out, for a period of time by its owner to another person, a tenant. This person is liable to pay the owner an amount of money for a specific period of time. We make all these processes much easier for both owners & tenants.