Architects and Landscape Architects in generally find it difficult while deciding plants for landscaping in their drawing.  There is nothing odd in it as the plant kingdom is such a big vivid one with over 450,000 plants and of which at least 25% of them can be used for landscaping purpose, whether it is a beauty scape or wild scape. 

While attending studios, or while associating with architects during landscape planning, there come innumerable doubts regarding the placement of certain plants in a certain place or even total planning of plants that suit the site they are planning.  Mostly the same questions are repeated and learning plant names …. Extends to thousands often make it a nightmare for them. 

As technology has revolutionized and your accessibility to knowledge has reached near your nose. Today one need not be a high profile botanist or horticulturist to plan landscape plants as Softscaper application is to help to select your desired plant at the desired place with all details you need.

You can log in to on your laptop or desktop (as plant selection filters are available only on this and not on your mobile). Use the demo version which contains over 100 plants which are used in tropical areas for landscaping purpose.  If you need advanced planning you may opt for the paid version which has over 600 useful plants in its database.

Each plant is described with the following details viz. Height, Canopy, Girth, flower shape and color, leaf peculiarity, root peculiarity, fruit, use, and so on… Similarly, it shows whether the plant can be grown in which latitudes, elevation, soil conditions, PH, temperature, drought tolerance, light requirement, and so on…

While designing go to the plant description page of the application and you will see a filter on the top left portion.  Fill your requirement on the filter Viz. a plant with 5-meter height having yellow flowers and tolerate little shade and less water…. Your window will display only those plants that match your criteria.  Now your work is much easy… without knowing anything about a plant you have become a master in the selection of the plant that matches your criteria… now you are a better digital horticulturist!!! has other different platforms too.  Now you can grow some curious plants at your leisure at your place, post them on our PLANT MALL page to make it a leisure business. Your postings in the PLANT MALL are free for 5 entries (this is enough for people with little space and time). Who doesn’t like to make some earnings with your favorite hobby of growing plants? Go to our GROW AND SELL page of for details.

Wishing you all become a digital Horticulturist and Digital Landscape Architect soon!!!


  • M. Subramanian - MSc Botany from MG University, Kottayam
  • Senior Research Fellow in Calicut University
  • Visiting Colleague - University of Hawaii, Honolulu, USA

Responsibilities In Different Organizations

  • Farm Manager - Kairaly Orchids, Kochi
  • Horticulturist - Taj Group of Hotels
  • Horticulturist - Tata Housing Dev. Co. Kochi
  • Consultant Horticulturist - Casino Group, Kochi
  • Landscape Consultant - Inspiration, Kochi
  • Consultant - Manipur Govt. Orchid project, Imphal

Major Landscape Projects

  • Taj Residency, Ernakulam.Bubble café
  • Taj Vivanta, W. Island
  • Taj Garden Retreat, Thekkady
  • Taj Garden Retreat, Kumarakom
  • Swar Swara, Gokarna
  • Sky Roka, Yercadu
  • Aromatrix, Thiruvannamalai
  • Sarovaram, Kochi
  • Windsor Castle, Kottayam
  • Green Acres, Kochi
  • Heera Vastugramam, Kochi
  • Orchid project, Imphal
  • Focal Image, Trivandrum

Celebrity Residences

  • Sreenivasan
  • Meera jasmine
  • Nayanthara
  • Dileep

* And over 2000 other projects (Small and Medium size)