Prevent Leakage, The quality of water will be ensured; Smart meter is ready

Prevent Leakage, The quality of water will be ensured; Smart meter is ready


  • 501 In Thevara Ferry area, 40 smart meters are connected in Konthuruthy


Kochi: 22-Nov -2021- With the expansion of the smart water meter project, freshwater consumption in the city could be significantly curtailed. Leakage of water through the pipeline can also be prevented. In the first phase, 501 smart meters were installed in Thevara ferry zone. In addition, smart meters have been installed in all 40 houses in Konthuruthy area as part of an experimental project implemented by a private company.

What is a Smart Water meter? Smart water meters are ultrasonic water meters based on the Internet of Things (IOT). It is beneficial to consumers and the Water Authority. This will allow the amount of water used to be monitored daily and controlled accordingly. How much freshwater is used today? What is the bill for freshwater? What is the water quality? Smart water meters provide a lot of information. Not only can the readings of the water used be accurately recorded, but its quality can also be monitored using sensors and will prevent leakage. Currently, less than half of the water supplied by the Water Authority's pumping station reaches the public. The rest of the water leaks into the pipeline along the way. The water authority could not even detect some leaks in the pipe under the ground. The loss to the Water Authority due to this is huge. The Neona Embedded Labs Director R. Anjunad, who has been working in the field of smart meters said that by installing smart meters at various points from the pumping station to the customer's access, this leak can be significantly prevented.

The function of the smart meter - Pumping stations, drinking water tanks, other freshwater sources, freshwater supply networks, and consumers will be connected with the support of Smart meters. Information on meters is available to the authorities from the dashboard. Consumers can access information from their home smart meters via SMS or application. The Water Authority can learn a lot about the consumption of freshwater through the analysis of data obtained from smart meters. Plans can be made accordingly in the future. It can also increase revenue by preventing freshwater leaks and theft.


                                                                                                          INPUTS BY – ANJANA Y U ON 04 - MARCH 2022