Thandaper (The Revenue Record of Property)- Aadhaar Linking Enabled by the Revenue Department

Thandaper (The Revenue Record of Property)- Aadhaar Linking Enabled by the Revenue Department

                          If there is more land than the limit, it will be found        


The Revenue Department is intensifying the process of connecting the Thandaper (The Revenue Record of Property) and Aadhaar to find out whether the surplus land of the people's representatives is being held in political discussions. This is a unified system that links all the land a person has in the state with an Aadhaar number. For this, Aadhaar authentication devices have been reached in every village office for biometric data collection. This is for those who have not linked their mobile number with Aadhaar. Those who have connected to their mobile number can do these steps directly after selecting Thandapar (The Revenue Record of Property) through login to the portal of Revenue Department (Revenue e Services).

The Aadhaar-based Unique Thandapar (Unified Thandapper/ The Revenue Record of Property) system was launched by the Revenue Department last year. The objectives are to find surplus land, prevent the entry of fake land document in one's name, a system to store land information in a digital locker and verify it, including for foreigners, and speed up services including payment of taxes.

 According to the Land Reforms Act, a maximum of 7.5 acres of land can be held by an individual and 15 acres by a family.

3 Crore Thandaper (Revenue Records), 15200 people linked to Adhaar: Thandapar is the number given by the village when a person becomes the owner of the land. Landholders in many villages have multiple revenue records (Thandaper) of property. There are more than 3 crore revenue records (Thandaper) in the state. Only 15,200 landowners have linked Thandaper and Aadhaar. There are 46,366 people applied for this, 1,929 were rejected and 29,237 cases to complete.